Monday, 20 May 2013

Landscape Series: The Dawn

Some shots from my balcony at dawn. I waited for few days to get this shots, waiting for the right moment. There were days were just too cloudy, days with no clouds at all. The cloud pattern do play it roles in creating dramatic effect through the lenses straight to the image sensor.

This splendid hour does not last long for a photo-shooting session. Sometimes it may last for 20 minutes or lesser depending the sunrise time. I would say, the best times are about 15 minutes before sunrise where the transition from night to day creates the beautiful shades of yellow, orange, blue and blackish blue at the edge of the night sky.

My best buddy (its the only widest angle lens I have anyway) for this dawn-job is always Canon EF-17-40mm f4.0L USM , Mr. El-cheapo Tripod and Ms. RC-6 wireless remote. Here are some my photos.

Its about to begin. Ray of Lights

Blue is leaving..welcome Orange

Dawn of rays

Burning Sky

Rising Sun


Sun rising

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