Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Burung Lagi.... Birds of Western Australia

These are some photos from my recent travel to Perth. Photos were taken at the Swan River's bank, Mandurah and Fremantle. I wish I had a longer tele... I was on the cruise in Mandurah Estuary when the skipper showed us an Osprey's nest far ahead. Yeah..it was too far and my 300mm can get enough closer. Enjoys the photos peeps.

Caversham Wild Life Park

Black Swan at Swan River

Swan River's Seagull

Somewhere in Swan River

Black Swan

Black Swan of Swan River

Social networking

Mandarin Duck of Swan river

Closer look

Mandurah's Seagull

Somewhere in Mandurah Estuary

A place they call home

Fremantle Seagull

Somewhere in Mandurah

So many seagulls

Cheeky Owl at Caversham Wild Life Park

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