Thursday, 10 October 2013

Street of Saigon

He are some of the photos during my recent visit to Ho Chi Minh City. It was a short trip though, not for sightseeing but just to accompany my family members for their shopping trip. With little time space for photography, I hit the streets of Saigon. These are photos around the area of Ben Thant Market .

Saigon Traffic... Bikes bikes bikes and bikes

Daily routine Saigon's Traffic. Noticed the 'crossed' red traffic light?

Bikes are everywhere.. Helmets were cute

Delivery boy meet girl

Power Delivery
Street sellers

Everything on the streets....

Street paddles among the bikes


Street seller 

Miss Saigon Street Seller

A disable child and his mode of transport

Guava seller

Guava seller

Those are mangos...flower cut

Waiting for custom orders

Local noodle shop

Child beggar.. this girl approach me, bow many times..asking for some money..
And she wasn't alone...

Aunty soliciting for donation...and generus Malaysians.

Street dinner

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